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Accidents Will Happen!

No matter how well we plan, accidents happen! It stinks but it is the reality of typical traveler. You took the time to pack exactly 5 shirts, one dress, one and only one extra pair of sandles and a bathing suit that when paired with your double duty oversized scarf will magically transform your beach gear into evening wear. Then, on day two of yor trip: splat! All you wanted to do was try the fish and chips and you wind up with a mess! Now, you’ve got one shirt out of your carry-on only rotation and two and a half weeks to go. What to do?!

Here in Krakow, the solution is a place called Frania Cafe! A simple cafe with ice cream and lunch for the kids and a full bar of beverages for the adults. All of this is yours WHILE YOU DO LAUNDRY!! Did you hear me?!

The Runners up….

The reality in Europe is that doing laundry is usually convenient and, with a little research, not too difficult to find. Most hotels have laundry service, even if a bit too pricy, that can get you out of an accidental mess. Another good accident preventer is checking in to all of the options that come with your Air B and B. Many great properties either offer machines or know the most convenient laundries in the neighborhood. Accident or not, pre-planning a laundry stop on your travels is always helpful. Simply calling ahead to where you plan to lodge halfway through your trip could easily cut your packing in half. Just a few years ago, I called ahead to a B and B in Western Ireland and inquired. To my delight, the B and B owner’s cousin ran a laundry in town. She picked up our clothes and dropped them all off in one day with so little fuss! It was so helpful.

Additionally, some accomodations deal with specialty activities can offer also laundry service with your stay. I once had complimentary laundry service after each game drive while staying at a lodge in Botswana. The theory was that daily clean clothes kept the animals safe. Had I known ahead of time, and I didn’t, I would have packed so much less! Most important, no matter your trip, It does help to build in time in your schedule if you are staying for more than 7 days. A good list of laundry options for the destination(s) you are visiting is well worth the research! There are plenty of other choices to help you if you find yourself in a mess.

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So what does a laundry accident have to do with Global Literacy?

Well, it’s simple. The little distractions like ketchup on your shirt or running out of underwear take away from everything you travel for. Getting rid of or preventing those distractions allows you to pay attention to the important stuff! Like this and want to see more ? Please like TGC and share! We are a growing community and look forward to sharing travel, education, and culture with you!

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