Accidents Will Happen!

No matter how well we plan, accidents happen! It stinks but it is the reality of typical traveler. You took the time to pack exactly 5 shirts, one dress, one and only one extra pair of sandles and a bathing suit that when paired with your double duty oversized scarf will magically transform your beach gear into evening wear. Then, on day two of yor trip: splat! All you wanted to do was try the fish and chips and you wind up with a mess! Now, you’ve got one shirt out of your carry-on only rotation and two and a half weeks to go. What to do?!

Here in Krakow, the solution is a place called Frania Cafe! A simple cafe with ice cream and lunch for the kids and a full bar of beverages for the adults. All of this is yours WHILE YOU DO LAUNDRY!! Did you hear me?!