Europe 101: Trains and Ferries

There are so many things to love about Europe. From art to history, gorgeous scenery, and unbelievable food! One amazing aspect that is often overlooked is how EASY it is to get around the entire continent. Let’s face it, in the States, you are pretty much dependent on air travel to make your way from one part of the country to another. On the other hand, Europe offers so many travel moments that avoid the hassles that air travel can throw your way. So travel friends, trains and ferries await! Let’s go!


Trains and ferries offer a unique way to travel because so many of them are in convenient locations and often get you into city centers. Passengers often experience far Less wait time and far more comfort and reservations are easily made and can lend themselves to more relaxed travel plans.

Ferries that connect with ease.

With so many coastal countries, Europe has a great system of local and regional routes to make travel a breeze. From overnights that connect Italy and Greece to small hops that lace together places along great rivers like the Thames, Europe’s ferries do not disappoint. Here are some of our faves:

  • Ferries to and from many northern European destinations (2-4 hours)
  • Gdansk to Denmark (5 hours)
  • Belfast to Scotland (2 hours)
  • Italy to Greece (overnight)
  • Greek Islands (island hoppers)
  • The Rhine and Thames Rivers (local service)

Trains that speed through the countryside.

Europe’s amazing web of train tracks provides efficient escapes and easy transfers for every kind of travel. There are very few places that trains can’t fill the request. If your plan is to move from city to city in a reasonable region, trains are a sure bet. Often, train trips can become part of the splendor that Europe is famous for. Zipping through countrysides or along winding rivers can make the trip as much of a highlight as anything else you’ve planned out. Some of our favorite routes include:

  • Swiss Glacier Express
  • Norwegian Fjord Loop
  • The Jacobite Train in the Highlands AKA Hogwarts Express
  • Chunnel from London to Paris
  • Thalys High Speed Trains with routes like Paris to Amsterdam
  • Overnight Trains Venice Simpleon
  • Orient Express

Train Stations that let you know that you’ve arrived!

Expect to be wowed by some of the amazing city center stations that dot the most visited cities. With gorgeous architecture, great shopping, charming entrances, and convenient locations, the great stations of Europe never disappoint. There are tons of little moments that await anyone who takes in the scene. You can picture the hustle and bustle of every day life mixed with all kinds of tourists and travelers, professionals, and even the local teenagers. Train stations provide a slice of present life with a heaping helping of grandiose past. Some of our highlights are:

  • Kings Cross and St. Pancreas in London
  • Gare Du Nord- (Gare Du Lyon just for the restaurant)
  • Amsterdam Central
  • Gare Du Orsay which is now a museum
  • Prettiest exit is, by far, Lucerne, Switzerland