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Thanks for joining us for our 10 Books in 10 Minutes Facebook Live Event! Sharing stories from around the world is an amazing gift to give any child. Putting the world in a young mind’s hands is one of the best ways to create productive, understanding adults. Books like this allow readers to develop life skills like empathy, cultural understanding, and a global sense of self.

TGC strives to connect travelers with quality literature and media that allows the curiosity in all of us to thrive. More importantly, the most powerful tool we have to be the best travelers we can be, regardless of our age, is gobal literacy. So, for more great reads and connections to travel and culture, click here! Note that some of the links below are affiliate links. I only recommend products & brands I love and that I think you would love, too!

Are We There Yet? By Alison Lester

Are we there yet?

It’s almost Summer and that means that tons of us are hoping to hit the road to go see the great big world around us. As with any car ride, the proverbial question tends to bubble to the bored surface sooner rather than later. Here it comes… you know what it’s going to be! Are we there yet? But have you ever considered really hitting the road? Really dedicating a few months to traveling rather than just a few days? Author Alison Lester takes on the HUGE task of circumventing an entire continent. She weaves a story based on her family’s very brave decision to check out their Australian homeland.

This charming and detailed book does a great job of answering that big question. It proves that each time a kid asks “are we there yet” it may just be the smoke signal we need to pull over, take time and experience something new. Perhaps it motivates you to take that epic road trip you’ve always dreamed of!

The Outback By Annaliese Porter and Bronwyn Bancroft

With illustrations being just as important as the text, this book focuses on the elusive center of Australia. The Outback uses aboriginal art to convey the importance of nature and the harmony that makes this unique region work. Look for this perfect bedtime read to inspire lots of adventurous dreams.

The Aussie A to Z By Heath McKenzie

Get ready to get on the alphabet train to make 26 stops in the land down under! This wacky look at all things Aussie. From furry friends to sports, look for this pick to give you a launching pad into studying this great corner of the world. While the text is minimal, the author includes a quick reference glossary in the back of the book. Additionally, all of the illustrations are ready to explore over and over again.


Living in Australia By Chloe Perkins

Get ready to meet Ruby! She is ready to tell your young reader all about her home country and does a great job at showing what life is like for a fellow kid citizen. With stops at Uluru and Sydney among others, this global book pick goes a bit further by telling what schools are like and highlighting the aboriginal culture. With easy to read text and clear illustrations, this pick is perfect for your younger travelers.

Our global book picks never feel complete without a journal!

Another huge help when taking any sort of road trip is a journal. Structured journals help kids be part of the experience. In fact, many of the bumps and bruises that come with extended trips can be rooted in the fact that kids don’t feel that they have any ownership in the experience. Journals are a great way to include young minds into great travel buddies that feel like they are part of the travel process.

Tokyo City Trails By Lonely Planet

Straight from the publishers of some of the best travel guides for children comes Tokyo City Trails. This book, great for your older explorers, has over 15 walking tours themed for every interest a kid could dream up! From sushi to ghost stories, this book covers Japan’s capital covered. The pages are designed to explore all aspects of culture and get your kids excited about visiting the land of the rising sun.

How My Parents Learned to Eat by Ina Freidman

How My Parents Learned To Eat, a global book pick!

This wonderful tale of a Japanese-American child leaves you with a satisfied feeling. She treasures her parents story. When her mom and dad meet, things are a bit confusing. It causes the two young lovebirds to question if they have a future with each other. Each person struggles to understand and learn the other’s culture and are surprised to discover how hard they have both tried. The lovely end allows for the little narrator to share her story with us. A great read!

Books like How My Parents Learned to Eat allow all of us to savor the unique differences in our cultures and connect over the commonalities. Perfect for ages 4 through 8, it’s the perfect bedtime story. Be sure to share this gem with a young reader soon!

Hachiko by Various Authors

Of all the books I share with kids, I have yet to make it through this one without crying. Be prepared! This unbelievably true story about a dog’s loyalty speaks to the Japanese senses like no other. Hachiko will show how steadfast loyalty can be the very thing that matters most. Richard Gere turned the tearjerker into an americanized version a few years ago. It’s worth the watch but doesn’t hold the same power as the Tokyo setting of the original version.

Suki’s Kimono By Chieri Uegaki

Suki doesn’t understand why the other kids don’t admire her kimono in the same manner. While she is most comfortable in it, others don’t see it’s importance. Suki teaches them how her kimono connects her to her culture which she loves so much. This is a great pick to read with kids who may be struggling with their own cultural identity. Look for Suki to relate that fitting in and standing out are both a great way to be.

Dogku By Andrew Clements

Enjoy this this pick that bring the ancient art of Haiku into the modern world by writing about one of our favorite topics, the family dog! Get inspired to write your own haiku about your furry family member.

Thanks for joining us and look for more global book picks in the future!!

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