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Travel U Library: Alaska’s Iditorad

Thanks for joining us for our 10 Books in 10 Minutes Facebook Live Event! Sharing stories from around the world is an amazing gift to give any child. Putting the world in a young mind’s hands is one of the best ways to create productive, understanding adults. Books like this allow readers to develop life skills like empathy, cultural understanding, and a global sense of self. So let’s look at a few books about Alaska!

Alaska's great wilderness
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TGC strives to connect travelers with quality literature and media that allows the curiosity in all of us to thrive. More importantly, the most powerful tool we have to be the best travelers we can be, regardless of our age, is gobal literacy. So, for more great reads and connections to travel and culture, click hereNote that some of the links below are affiliate links. I only recommend products & brands I love and that I think you would love, too!


The biggest story out of Alaska surely has to be the story of 1925. During that horrific winter, the citizens Nome were in desperate need of medication to battle Diptheria. The only way to get it there was by sled. Togo led the team with musher Leonard Seppala inspired the tradition of the Iditorad challenge that continues to this very year.

The Great Serum Race

Learning about the race to get serum to Nome introduces quite a few new teams including famous Balto. Learn how the weather had these teams dig deep to accomplish the unthinkable. This non-fiction read gives the play by play of the musher’s success.

Born To Pull

Dogs that are involved in mushing are an interesting mix of athlete and brave hero. Explore dog sledding as the sport that it is. From team positions to the lingo, learn all about how to make a team out of a group of energetic pups!

Mush! Sled Dogs of the Iditorad

Time to introduce you to the hall of famers from this amazing race and see their determination shine through in great photos. Get an idea of what it’s like to devote your life to 998 miles of trails.

Storm Run

in more recent times, many other athletes have attempted the famous run. The first female to win the Iditorad is Libby Riddles. Libby, who you can meet today, came in first back in 1985. She speaks about achievement and challenge often. Her book is a great read!

Danger, The Dog Yard Cat

While Libby has always loved her dogs, she found great happiness with a particular cat named Danger. This feline dreams up a fanciful tale of being the lead cat in the big race. It may just be a dream but cats can think big too!

L Is For Last Frontier

In this installment of the global alphabet series, learn everything about Alaska from Forget-Me-Nots to Northern Lights. I love these books for fast paced overviews of all of these wonderful, truly Alaskan moments.

Up On Denali

Learn all about the tallest mountain in the US and how it has affected the Alaskan frontier since its formation. Full of scientific facts and beautiful illustrations, this is truly a book to explore before you go explore in real life.

The Giant Cabbage: An Alaska Folktale

Join Moose and his friends as he grows quite the cabbage. It’s so big, in fact, that he wins top marks at the fair. But what do you do with a giant cabbage once you’ve won the prize? Find out what Moose and company do!

Alaska’s 12 Days of Summer

Summer in Alaska doesn’t last long. So, what, or should I say, who should you find when the weather is a bit kinder? Lots of critters await in this fun take on the classic song.

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