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Travel Gifts For Your Valentine

Love is in the air and I am super happy about it! Valentines Day is not only to tell your amour how much you love him or her but its also time to proclaim our love for all sorts of things! I love my dog. Yes, I love my kids-especially now that they are all adults! I love my husband. And I loooooove travel! So, in honor of Valentines Day, here are a few things that make my heart beat a little faster. Note that some of the links below are affiliate links. I only recommend products & brands I love and that I think you would love, too!

Valentine books: Give the gift of reading! Kids will adore a new book that was picked especially for them. Try books about other cultures or books full of maps and infographics. How about some historical fiction? They can be digital or hard bound. They can be big or small, You can’t go wrong with a new book! As for me, my latest read is SparkJoy by Marie Kondo. She basically says get rid of anything that doesn’t make you happy. This is non-fiction not sci-fi.

cork maps are perfect when love is inthe air

Cork maps and globes: I love maps and globes. There is something so fascinating about exploring all the corners of our planet. Little fingers can trace paths to great destinations and dream. They can learn names of far away places and start to develop a natural curiosity about the world around us. I may not have little fingers anymore but I do love a chance to run my big fingers over any kind of map. I love globe ornaments, globe balls to sit in a bowl on my coffee table to bring me joy, I love bright colored tourist city maps and geometric subway maps. Don’t have a map? Still in need of a globe? Maybe this is just the right time to add a map or globe to your household and stir up a little love for the Earth!

Think Travel!

Photo journals: What better way to show someone you love them than to curate a collection of photos from a recent trip? I am a true Shutterfly fan but there are lots of other platforms to help you bind your Instragram worthy photos together.

Destination jewelry: Have you seen those lovely pieces of jewelry that have  a small map in them or are shaped like a country? I’ve seen luggage tag charms with airport codes on them and bracelets that say I love you in another language. I love destination jewelry

A lazy makeup bag: This is my new favorite travel accessory. Basically, the bag unfolds to lay flat. It is simple with no pockets or pouches, you just throw your things in a pile and go. I really think that it is a Lego travel bag living as a make-up bag in disguise. Or maybe it holds a great collection of toy cars or all those little shopkins. One for you, one for you, one for you.

Think Earth Friendly!

Eco friendly products: part of being a global citizen is being a an eco friendly traveler. I am in love with all kinds of bamboo products like toothbrushes and straws. a local county just banned the commercial use of plastic straws and the bamboo ones have come in handy while we have been out and about. Also, I saw that San Francisco no longer has plastic bags (good for them!) to which I say, no problem, I’ve got my reusable bags anyway.

One of my greatest eco-loves is to collect bags from around the world. I have one that is full of tiny Hello Kittys from Tokyo and another that says I heart pierogies (which is no lie!). So be a good global citizen and start incorporating some eco-friendly goods into your travel lifestyle. (Okay, I am human and I’ve got a secret I must divulge: there is one product I can not give up and I am not sorry about it: Aquanet Hairspray. I love it.)

Bombas Socks: Have you heard of these? If you haven’t, please take it from this set of tired aching feet that Bombas are the bomb. They are so comfy and wash so well. I like them so much that I decided that they spark joy in my life and literally got rid of every other pair of socks I owned as Marie Kondo advised me to do. In addition to all of my selfish reasons, each pair of Bombas bought is a pair donated to the homeless. Way to go global citizens!

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