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Alexandra Tyson

Born in the New York City area, Alexandra Tyson grew up moving around the country as her parents followed their dreams. Alexandra’s Dad gave her a love for her heritage and the U.S. Navy and her mom gave her a love for exploring and travel. Alexandra made the choice to serve in the Navy and became an Aviation Hydraulics Mechanic. She met her husband, Chris, while they both were on active duty. While Alexandra turned her focus to motherhood, Chris’ career had them changing duty stations often. Married and a mom of three, Alexandra earned her B.Ed. in Elementary Education, Magna Cum Laude.

Chris and Alexandra chose to use his career in the Navy as a springboard to parent their three kids through experience as they intentionally traveled and lived overseas in Atsugi, Japan. After about 20 years in the classroom and tons of frequent flier miles, Alexandra is sharing her experiences and travel know-how with you through Babcia and YiaYia Travel The World.

These days, Alexandra is wearing lots of hats. In addition to teaching and traveling, you can find her helping fellow travelers as a:


Small group travel coordinator

Travel Storyteller

Travel Creator

Travel and Education Speaker

Keep Traveling With Us!

Alexandra Tyson currently lives in Southern Maryland with her husband. Teaching keeps her super busy but she always finds time to slip away on another trip. Most of all, she enjoys watching her grown children use all of their travel skills as life skills as they continue to explore the world. Keep up with her travels and adventures by clicking here!

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Born in the great state of Texas, Terri enjoyed a childhood of traveling that sparked her love of adventure.  Terri’s parents always believed in huge family summer vacations.  She can fondly remember the many trips to Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand and Tahiti.  These were cherished moments that she continues to procure today.  Terri decided to become an elementary school teacher while she was attending Florida State University. She completed her BS and MAT at Jacksonville University.   Not too long after this decision, she met her future husband, Michael.  Michael was beginning his career in law enforcement, so their life began.  As their family grew, her travels focused on going to Disney World and other theme parks.  The love of of adventure was still there!

In her almost 33 years of marriage and 28 years of teaching, Terri has focused her travels in the United States.  She has been from California to Maine and all stops in between.  She and Michael’s have recently fallen in love with West Yellowstone, Montana.  They seem to find themselves going back there year after year. 

Terri can be found helping travelers as a:
  • Travel Podcaster
  • Dedicated Road Trip Researcher
  • Heading our research travel team
  • Travel Literature Researcher

Terri Collins currently lives in Fleming Island, Florida with her husband, Michael.  Teaching 6th grade keeps her extremely busy but planning of her next trip is always on her mind.  She has two grown children, Kacie and Kaleb.  She also has the best daughter-in-law ever, Tanaya.  Kacie and Tanaya made her an official Yiayia in August! She and Michael are over the moon!  With all the upcoming changes in the world and her life, Terri still continues to travel.