Poland 101: Poland in 3 Acts

Poland 101: Poland in 3 Acts

Poland is full of many many important historical sites and an amazing rich culture. The country is celebrating its 103rd birthday of reunification from the dreaded partition that split the country in three parts in the early 1800’s. To celebrate, here are three amazing moments off the beaten path that families will love in Poland. So, let’s get started on our tips for travel to Poland!

Urban Poland

Head to Wroclaw and start an epic scavenger hunt for the over 175 small sculptures that dot this college, work-a-day city. Each little guy has a story that is either political or historical. Just check out the fella in the ball and chain at the old prison! They sit in front of churches, along major thoroughfares and in back corners. Trying to collect them all is a challenge and a great way to learn the city.

One of the many mini friends you can find in Wroclaw, Poland and just part of our tips for travel to Poland

Suburban Poland

Enroll in a pierogi making class (it’s easier than you think). Pierogies are the unbelievably yummy dumpling filled with everything from blueberries to mushrooms. In all my years of eating (since birth) I have never come across a pierogi that I didn’t LOVE. So, go, make a couple dozen with a sweet babcia and enjoy the lesson, the company, and the food. Just don’t leave until you eat them all. You won’t regret it.

Pierogie Palooza! Lessons are available all over this great country.

Rural Poland

Head on down to the Tatras Mountains which along with the Dunajec River creates the Polish- Czech border. Here, in villages like Zakopane, you can find plenty of guides to hire for a relaxing raft ride down the river. The scenic beauty is amazing and the river is just right for families with younger ones to paddle along with. Cross over to the Czech side and grab a chocolate bar as a yummy souvenir. There is plenty to do in this region and you’ll enjoy every minute!

There is so much more to Poland than first meets the eye. The culture of Krakow, the heartbreaking history of Auschwitz, the glorious solidarity of Gdansk, or the wonder of Warsaw. (I know, alliteration is my favorite literary device too.) It doesn’t matter where you go, because Poland, well, it’s practically perfect in every way. (Okay, I’m done now.)

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Poland's southern border is magical and is one of the great tips for travel to Poland.

Where We Went: Tips for travel to Poland

Where we went tips for travel to poland

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