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Travel U Library: France’s Many Treasures

Thanks for joining us today for our Facebook Live Book Review. I truly love these particular books and hope you will too! Each of them contributes to make us all better global citizens. Here are the Amazon links to all of today’s picks! Note that some of the links below are affiliate links. I only recommend products & brands I love and that I think you would love, too!

Katy and The Waterlily Pond by James Mayhew

In this delightful book, Katy and her grandma enjoy an adventure that brings Monet’s artistic masterpieces to life. They meet the subjects of Monet’s works and learn how to capture the light like the master. I had the pleasure of visiting Giverny, France and I could just imagine enjoying this book on a bench under the shady trees overlooking the iconic pond. Imagine inspiring your young impressionist and then visiting Monet’s shrine to the light with a box of paints and a canvas yourself! Katy inspires the inner artist in all of us. Furthermore, a book like this prepares young travelers to visit stunning Normandy or get out the art supplies and create a new masterpiece. TGC believes books like Katy and the Waterlily Pond enhance young minds and global literacy!

The Magical Garden of Claude Monet

Julie’s adventure starts in Paris as she looks at the river Seine. It’s what happens when she takes a train out to the country and meets a man that looks a lot like Santa that she realizes the river is special.

Charlotte in Giverny

Much like Katie, Charlotte has a few adventures to share. Charlotte, however, chooses to share hers in the form of a journal. Get a first hand look at what happens when Charlotte gets the chance to spend time in Giverny among the impressionist masters.

Who Was Claude Monet?

So why exactly is the famous son of France such a big deal? Read this great biography from the “bobblehead” series out of Penguin Publishing. Monet turned the art world upside down with his obsession with light. He spent his entire life seeking out that perfect light all while endearing the art world to his cause.

Bon Appetit! The Delicious Life of Julia Child

Oh Julia! How we love this american ex-pat who took the country on its first culinary journey! Explore her bigger than life world in this adorable book that contains all sort of different facts about her life in Paris and beyond.

Who Was Julia Child?

Another “bobblehead” book, this one shows how Julia fell in love with France and french cooking. More importantly, it really shows how France reciprocated that love. I’m including the link to a great move called “Julie and Julia” as an added bonus for to Julia lovers out there. It’s a great way to dream about traveling to France!

Gustave Eiffel’s Spectacular Idea: The Eiffel Tower

So how in the world did we wind up with an Eiffel tower anyway? And how is the Statue of Liberty connected? While we’re at it, did people even like the Eiffel tower? Find out the answers to these questions and so many more! This is a great read for your aspiring engineers!


The children’s classic still endures as great introduction to Paris as sweet Madeline walks in a line with her classmates and sees the city. She then deals with a serious tummy ache. Will she mend quickly? Read on to find out.

Paris City Trails

Explore Paris by foot and yet another wonderful addition of City Trails from Lonely Planet. This book is perfect for those older grade schoolers and tweens who need to start taking a role in the planning of family trips. Check out more than 15 themed walks that take you on, under, through, up , and around Paris.

Manfish: A Story of Jacques Cousteau

One last amazing French citizen to check in with is the amazing Jacques Cousteau. Known for his discoveries and conservation of our planet’s seas, Cousteau made it his personal mission to save our Oceans and their residents. But how did it all begin? Read on to find out more.

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Travel U Library: Tall Tales From Ireland and Scotland

Thanks for joining us today for 10 Books in Ten Minutes on Facebook Live. I truly love these particular books and hope you will too! Each of them contributes to make us all better global citizens. Here are the Amazon links to all of today’s picks! Note that some of the links below are affiliate links. I only recommend products & brands I love and that I think you would love, too!

The Selkie Girl

What is so special about the sea? Perhaps it’s the magical creatures that live there. Scotland loves their magical creatures and Selkies are no different! So what happens when Fergus, a poor fisherman’s son, and a Selkie meet? Read on and be inspired by the magic of it all!

Harry The Highlander

Harry is a very shaggy, very curious little cow. When he finds a gap in the stone wall, Harry wanders off to meet some new friends. Perfect for the younger crowd, this sweet story will ensure that everyone knows how friendly these gentle giants truly are.

Nessie: The Most Famous Tale of Monster Mayhem Ever

Looking into Scotland would not be complete without the famous Loch Ness Monster! Nicknamed Nessie, this Loch legend has been the talk of the highlands for a long time. Reading up on all of the chaos surrounding poor Nessie is a great way to introduce the concepts of myths and legends.

Katie in Scotland

James Mayhew’s Katie series of books are enchanting. In this book, Katie takes the reader on a tour of Scotland with a very special guest. Katie checks in on the Jacobite train and sees plenty of the sites in Edinburgh. What a great read for just before take off!

Greyfriar’s Bobby

Question: What’s better than a loyal pup? Answer: Not much. In this story of loyalty, wee Bobby shows why he deserves all of the attention he gets to this day. This true story is told in true Scottish tale style, adding a bit here and there, but the story of how this loyal dog loved his master is spot on.

S is for Shamrock

I am a true fan of the alphabet series of books that take kids on journeys all over the world. S is for Shamrock is no exception. Get the lay of the land and a grasp on the culture by walking through 26 pages of pure Ireland. From Riverdance to vikings and everything in between, it’s a can’t miss!

Lazy Cat, Crazy Cat

To get a hold of what’s happening around St. Stephen’s Green at night, simply check in with this lazy by day, crazy by night feline. George and his friends curiously poke around in this silly book set in Dublin’s most favorite square.

Fin McCoul: The Giant of Knockmany Hill

What is better that some fanciful Irish storytelling? Absolutely nothing! Get ready to find out the REAL reason Giant’s Causeway exists in this enchanting tale. Hint: it’s not because of scientific reasons! Finn and his love Oona take on a clever plan to out smart Finn’s rival. This book is pure fun!

Fiona’s Luck

Ireland’s been through its share of bad times. So how can one girl find a little luck to make her homeland just a little better? Fiona and the wee folk have just the tale to tell you how.

Brigid’s Cloak

In true Irish style, storytellers weave works to explain the unexplainable. In this case, the amazing story of St. Brigid comes to life and explains all of those wondrous moments of Brigid’s life and why she and her cloak will never be forgotten.

Thanks for joining us for these great global book picks! Check out more picks by clicking here!

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Travel U Library: Amazing Books About Africa

Thanks for joining us for our 10 Books in 10 Minutes Facebook Live Event! Sharing stories from around the world is an amazing gift to give any child. Putting the world in a young mind’s hands is one of the best ways to create productive, understanding adults. Books like this allow readers to develop life skills like empathy, cultural understanding, and a global sense of self. These books about Africa do just that!

TGC strives to connect travelers with quality literature and media that allows the curiosity in all of us to thrive. More importantly, the most powerful tool we have to be the best travelers we can be, regardless of our age, is gobal literacy. So, for more great reads and connections to travel and culture, click here! Note that some of the links below are affiliate links. I only recommend products & brands I love and that I think you would love, too!

Bringing The Rain To Kapiti Plain

Global Book Pick!
Bringing the rain to kapiti plain
books about Africa

Today’s featured pick welcomes you to a wonderful tale of adventure as our hero Ki-Pat helps his fellow villagers find rainy relief on Kapiti Plain. The animals need help and Ki-Pat knows he needs to do something to help. Each verse and illustration brings to life his creative solution to this seasonal African problem. Bringing The Rain To Kapiti Plain allows young minds to fall in love with all that Sub-saharan Africa has to offer.

This is the perfect book to start understanding what this area of the world focuses on and provides a small glimpse into the undeniable pull of the African culture. I sometimes think that the book provides a great launch for a fruitful conversation. Why does Ki-Pat only stand with one foot? Can all the animals be together like that in real life? If the arrow is part of a tale, what happens when there is no rain in Africa? Enjoy this delightfully crafted folk tale that will bring out the global citizen in all the travelers you know- both big and small.

Under The Baobab Tree

How does a tree become the heart and soul of a community? Read this great pick to find out. This sweet story gives a great insight into current communities in Africa. What a great talking point!

We All Went on Safari

This sweet counting book is perfect for young ones to familiarize themselves with some of the locals. With great illustrations and a read aloud cadence, this picture safari is a perfect way to practice exploring and looking at the scene in front of you.

Nat Geo’s Kid’s Guide To Photography

If you are looking at a trip to Africa,  photography is sure to be at the top of your list. In true Nat Geo form, this book is jam packed with tip after tip and idea after idea. I literally took this book and a camera and put it in the hands of a few students. It was magical! With easy to read articles about photography basics and interesting tips about theme, this read is perfect for the creative kid in your life!

The Water Princess

Life is lived differently all over the world and knowing that one fact is an important life lesson. This water princess shows how getting water is far more challenging than most realize. Our princess also shares how they take this ever present task and make it a part of their lives.

One Plastic Bag

What can one plastic bag impact? It turns out quite a lot! Follow the story of plastic bags in Gambia to learn about their journey from appreciated to nuisance and beyond. Expect this problem to bring on a great solution to one of our world’s biggest problems.

I Am Jane Goodall and The Watcher

The matriarch of the chimp world has been spending her time promoting environmentalism through her Roots and Shoots program. These lovely books do a great job of relating Jane’s story to a new generation. Both are perfect reads to start units on endangered species and animal research.

Mama Miti

Based on the true story of Wangari Maathai and her quest to replant the trees of Kenya and turn her country into the lush jungle it once was. By teaching about what trees can do for humans, Mama Miti shows why caring for them is worth everyone’s time.


Knowing about Nelson Mandela and the story of apartheid allows young minds to realize how knowing about the past can affect how we determine our future. Start the conversation with this well thought out text and beautiful illustrations.

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