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Subscription Boxes for Travelers

Have you tried them? Have you jumped on board the subscription box bandwagon? I’ve got to admit, I’m a fan!!! From great gifts to dependable travel gear, I’m a sucker for a good travel subscription box. Here are some of my favorites…

Universal Yums

Each month, a box arrives chock full of fabulous, junkie treats from a selected country around the world. This is a great box to gift a teen or tween.

Globe In

With plenty to choose from, this box allows you to pick from a variety of small cottage industry vendors from around the world. Treat yourself while sending a little TLC to the rest world.

The Wordy Traveler

Book lover? Traveler? This one is for you!

Atlas Coffee Club

Attention caffeine fans! The Atlas Coffee Club is interested in giving you a tour of the world via your coffee mug.

Little Passports

Perfect for all the aspiring gypsies in your life, Little Passports does a great job of introducing the world to young minds through play and projects. Simple to use and fun to learn with, this box delights the young set easily.

Escape the Crate

Let the mystery come to you once a month with this escape room in a box

Explore Local Box

Dia Box

My travel go to box for all the clothes I need to create a capsule wardrobe, I am a true Dia fan. Being a plus sized traveler makes me put a little more thought into my clothing choices. I have literally turned my travel wardrobe into my entire wardrobe thanks to careful picks from the stylists at Dia.

There are tons of international food and spice boxes that are too subjective and numerous to mention. Just know that whatever your food tastes, there is a box for you! The best place to start is

A quick note: TGC doesn’t get any commission on these boxes (and we’ll update this notice if that changes), we just want you to have the best travel experience that you can!