The Beauty of the Second City

When perusing our travel dreams, we often find ourselves thinking about the World’s great cities: London, Paris, Sydney, and Tokyo spring to mind. Each choice, Rome, New York City, has a unique appeal and draws thousands upon thousands of travelers every year. So many travelers, in fact, that sometimes we wonder if there is another place to wander. Well, there is! The globe’s second cities have much to offer and many are on the cutting edge of cultural experiences. Just take a look:

brown concrete building near trees during daytime

Interested in London? How about just a bit further north in Edinburgh? Castles, check, resident ghosts, check. This Scottish paradise offers plenty of charm and hosts some amazing festivals including the annual Military Tattoo in August.

Thinking of giving Berlin a chance? How about a cultural crash course in Krakow? Gorgeous churches, a first rate castle and amazing food all make this second city an amazing experience.

orange and gray church

Saying konichiwa to Tokyo? Don’t forget to bullet rain over to Kyoto to take in the breathtaking geisha scene and the beautiful sites of the palace and temples that dot the entire city. A truly amazing way to experience Japanese culture.

Rome offers astounding opportunity but don’t neglect Genoa and Florence! Both offer priceless works of art and over the top historical experiences. Cathedrals, and museums are on every corner and each ristorante seems better than the last.

brown and white concrete buildings beside river under blue sky during daytime

Is Paris your style? Then just an hour away is enchanting Reims. With plenty of outdoor cafe style and an unimaginable cathedral where Chagall shows off some awe inspiring post war stained glass.

So, dream big! Hit all the top spots! But don’t forget to peek around the corner for what may be a second city delight!

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