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Babcia and Yia Yia!, Notes on Planning and Packing

Travel Gear Test Drive

It may happen soon! We may actually be able to plan a carefree vacation so we can enjoy everything the world has to offer. Recently, I’ve been thinking about how to make my travel wardrobe strategy work better. How could I ensure that I got the most out of the clothes and accessories that I pack in my suitcase? It’s time for a travel wardrobe test drive!

Let’s Start at the very beginning…

A very good place to start! One of the first things I need to look at is how fit my plus size stuff in my suitcase. Which suitcase works best for me? I’ve been through quite a few and I’ve narrowed down my choice to one that makes me happy in looks and function. Drum roll please! My favorite suitcase is the Samantha Brown’s 26″ spinner. (It’s on sale right now over at HSN!) I find the wheels are spot on and my packing cubes work like a dream in this bag. I know, I know, 26 inches means it’s a check only bag but perhaps her smaller spinner is for you.

Here’s what makes me happy about this particular bag: the bag weighs next to nothing, it has a perfectly designed lining, and its companion under the seat bag fits perfectly on top and the wheels are a dream. I’ll leave it to Samantha to explain the rest. Comment below with your favorite bag and I’ll check that one out too!

Game Changers: Packing Cubes

I bet you are on board with packing cubes. They are the biggest change to packing strategy since wheels were added to the bottoms of bags. In short, there are two kinds that exist: cubes with sides that work like building blocks or compression cubes that start like blocks but zip down on the sides to compress what you’ve put inside. I’m a fan of both and use a mix in my bag. I like a few different ones including the Rick Steves’ standard cube but my favorite affordable set is this one easily found on Amazon. Note that some of the links below are affiliate links. I only recommend products & brands I love and that I think you would love, too!

Fill ’em up!

Okay, I’ve got my gear and I’m ready to test drive my wardrobe. I start with a few basic rules. Maybe you consider these things too:

  • Everything is iron free. Everything.
  • Everything does double duty. Everything.
  • Everything works in layers. Everything.
  • The very best shoes that I can find. Well worn and nothing new.

I know I need a few basics to make this pack successful. Things like one dressy outfit, work out gear to combat all the good food, and washable undergarments to stretch my wash week. Again, since I’m pus sized, my packing is a bit more than others but basically, I pack with the part lightweight-part comfort goal in mind.

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Will it work?

My plan is to be in Europe for one month. I’m spending three days in Amsterdam, 14 days on a Rhine River Cruise, a few days traveling north by train, and the remainder of my time at an Air B and B in Krakow, Poland. I’m out to test drive the clothes I’d like to pack to check them out for wear, wash, photogenic quality, and longevity.

  • A jumpsuit from Lane Bryant made out of comfy cotton with the feel of sweats and the look of a put together evening look. But will it look nice enough and wear well enough to be my sole evening option?
  • Two sets of workout gear including tanks, leggings, socks, and bra. I try to get a run or walk in as much as I can. Will two sets get me through each workout? Can I wash and air dry these garments and have them ready to go in a reasonable amount of time?
  • Underwear that is comfortable and can be hand washed in the sink. Will I feel like these items are clean after handwashing?
  • Capris and tops for touring and relaxing. Will they look good after a few hours of touring a borg or berg in hot weather? Will I be able to wear it again?
  • Shoes that are comfortable and lightweight. Will they make my feet feel good after a couple of cathedrals? How about a multitude of art museums?
  • Will it all fit correctly and work the way I hope it will?

The Challenge

I have a few errands to run in South Florida and I plan to take my test items along for the ride. Why South Florida? It’s hot, humid, and will be the most like those hot Summer days in Europe that I will be enjoying. So, I have 9 days to see if my travel choices are winners or losers. Ready?

  • Bombas Socks: Part of my workout gear, Bombas are my go to socks for everyday use. I love the support and the comfort. They did the workout job but did not feel “clean” after my soap and water treatment in the shower. I’m going to need to circle back for a better choice or pack more socks.
  • Bamboo Underwear. Winner! These lightweight underwear did a great job during the day and washed super easily in the shower at night. They were dry in the morning and felt super clean and ready to use.
  • Leggings and tanks. Winner! I purchased my leggings through but my tanks came right off of Amazon and they washed and dried perfectly. Check them out below.
  • Running shoes. I ordered the seaglass blue Under Armour HOVR Infinite 2 running shoes and I love them. But could they travel? Yes they can! Stylish enough to wear while touring but sturdy enough to run on cobblestones, these shoes took the pounding and kept on going.

The Game Plan continues…

Next on my list were some outfits. I needed to see what mixed and matched and what “wore” well. What lasted more than one wear and what looked good at the end of the day. Here we go!

  • That Lane Bryant Jumpsuit… LOVE! Super comfy and dressed up with jewelry and cute sandals, it’s an easy breezy look that’s a dream to wear. I may wear it on the plane home.
  • Capris to wear two times each. Some winners and some losers. By far the best pants were from the Livi line courtesy of Lane Bryant. They weren’t wrinkly at the end of the day and felt great during the second wear. A definite must in black to wear with any printed top.
  • Tops that need to last the whole day. I test drove quite a few and, again, had a few hits and misses. All in all, I definitely had some that made the cut and enough to choose from as I gear up for fun days ahead.

Yay! I feel so much better about how my clothes and gear will work. I don’t think I’m overpacked and I definitely was able to figure out what was missing. Here’s how you can do the same…

How can you test drive your travel wardrobe?

Check out these easy steps to test drive your gear.

  • Pack. Yes, that’s right, pack your bag the exact way that you think it will work. Use all those cubes and all those folding tricks. (Even if you use an old curling iron as a stand in or use other items just to check in on suitcase fit that’s okay. Just use your actual clothes.)
  • Wait a week. Let that suitcase sit packed for a week so that you can see exactly how those clothes come out of all those packing cubes. Is everything nice and neat? Is it a wrinkly mess?
  • Wear just these clothes for the week and see if you are comfy for the week. Can you use everything more than once? Do things wash in the shower? Are your shoes doing the job you have selected?
  • Make your final picks and decide how long you will use your clothes before needing a proper laundry service. (Be sure to track that down!)
  • Leave your travel clothes alone now. You want them looking great and you want to be excited to use them!

Happy travels!!!!

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  1. Great ideas~ but a 26″ – yikes! I’m just WAY too lazy for that. Looking forward to checking out some of the products you’ve suggested too.

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