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Click on any tile to connect with the TGC Teachers Pay Teachers Store. Our activities are geared for school aged students in grades K-5. You will find that most of our books pair with a recommended Global Book Pick. Those picks can be found here.

Never Ending Projects

Never Ending Project Boards are a great way to extend understanding. These projects include different types of activities to engage every kind of learner.

How they work: Print out the project board. After reviewing, decide how many boxes need to be completed. Allow readers to work at their own pace and complete the agreed upon activities. While graphic organizers can be used, it is possible to create each box from generic items. Additionally, many of these project pieces lend themselves very well to audio-visual work.

Fact Brackets: A Very Cool Research and Writing Activity

This writing activity allows kids to make choices while writing sentences about fiction and non-fiction topics. Simply print and assemble the brackets poster. Then, writers can choose a winner in each bracket. Every time they choose a winner, they write a fact about the winner. The ending result is a lot of sentence writing practice, a lot of research practice and 5 sentences about the winning choice that can be turned into a quality piece of writing. This activity works independently, in small groups, or as a whole class. It’s great for enrichment work and reluctant writers. Simply print and go!