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Washington D.C. 101: Four Seasonal Picks For Our Nation’s Capital

Have you done it? Lots of us have. We get up one sticky morning in the heat of the summer and trek into the big city to look at lots of white marble. We walk from the tidal basin to the capitol steps and try to see everything in between. Our Washington D.C. is brimming full of some of the most amazing moments in our country’s history. And why not enjoy them? After all, the more we learn about our nation, the better we understand what it needs to thrive. But I wonder if a humid marathon to see everything in one day is really worth it. Washington DC has a lot to offer any traveler regardless of the time of year.  Here are three fair weather favorites:

Washington D.C. in full bloom

The Cherry Blossoms:

If you are going to explore those monuments, let Mother Nature be your guide! Every year, from late March to Early April, the Tidal Basin and National Mall are in full historical bloom as the cherry blossoms welcome in the warmer weather. There is something enchanting about this snowstorm in Spring and makes that epic walk even better. The bonus of learning about “Hanami” (the art of flower watching) and the story behind the trees makes it that much more enjoyable.

The National Geographic Hall:

Just a short walk from the Mall, this mini museum is a gold mine of an exhibit. NGS has done a stellar job of creating a digital environment to immerse you in whatever experience they have up and running. The first one I saw was The Tomb of Christ and it was epic! The walls come to life and the story is laid out so well. The virtual reality glasses make the experience even better. In addition to this main exhibit, there is another more traditional exhibit hall and a third covering the life of the National Geographic Society. The current exhibit is based on Jane Goodall and looks to be just as amazing!

TSNY Trapeze Class:

Located by the Navy Yard and in the shadow of the Nationals stadium, TSNY has daily flying classes for kids of all ages that let you soar through the air with the greatest of ease. They are experts at having you safely up and going and enjoying two adventurous hours. With rigging both inside and out,there is room for everyone, weather permitting. A bonus is the wonderful array of waterfront restaurants just around the corner along the Anacostia Riverfront.

Washington D.C. is home to one of TSNY's trapeze schools

The Marine Barracks at 8th and I:

It may seem obvious to some that there are a ton of military moments all over Washington, D.C. More importantly, you can enjoy them. While most visitors would say that the best place to get a little military interaction is over at Arlington Cemetery, I say hold on! Uber on over to the Marine Barracks on the corner of 8th Street and I Street on any Friday in the Summer. Here you can enjoy the weather and watch one of the oldest military traditions in our country. The Marines invite civilians to watch the Summer Drill and Concert Series. With narration included, anyone will be in awe of America’s finest and oldest command. It’s a can’t miss Friday night like no other!

city landmark building architecture
Photo by Hugo Magalhaes on

So, go. Say hello to George, Thomas, Abe, and Martin. Check out planes and rockets at the Air and Space Museum. Then go and find someplace that is a bit off the top ten list, off the beaten path. Washington D.C. has so much to offer! Go, enjoy it!

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