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Founded in 2018, Babcia and Yia Yia Travel The World was developed to inspire beginning travelers to live their travel dreams whether they are out and about or tucked in at home. Our mission is to support and inspire your inner explorer no matter what your travel goals are! This wonderful world is big and wide and it has plenty to offer whether you’re a road tripper or a jetsetter. So, join us, wont you? We would love take you along for the journey!

Maybe you are a bit like Yia Yia.

A traveler within the United States that likes to road trip and see all our fabulous country has to offer, Yia Yia is a book junkie and loves to find all those just right sites and experiences that make the US so special.

Or maybe you’re more like Babcia.

Off on another plane somewhere across the ocean, Babcia is always on the search for everything the world has to offer, especially in Europe. She is constantly tracking down the art, history, and cultural experiences that make travel so valuable.

Meet Alexandra

As the founder of Babcia and Yia Yia, Alexandra takes her vast travel experience and her years as an elementary school teacher to create resources and inspiration for every kind of traveler. She is often found planning her next trip to Europe. Click here to learn more about her journey to travel.

Meet Terri

Terri is an avid traveler within the United States. The ultimate road tripper, she is an expert at finding the best a destination has to offer. As an elementary school teacher, she is known for finding great literature to inspire young and old to become avid readers of the world. Click here to learn more about her journey to travel.

Join besties Alexandra and Terri as they talk living a travel lifestyle with purpose and intent! Get seriously good travel tips for different destinations. Find your inner explorer with stories of inspiration. Learn how to put your travel memories to good use! Click here to connect with laughs and the great travel tips!

Welcome To Travel U!

As teachers, we are always ready to share what we know with others. And travel is our favorite subject! We’ve developed tons of destination guides, packing advice, and resources for traveling kids all for you to use and enjoy.

Our version of Travel University allows you to register for classes and learn about travel from all angles. Whether you want to gather the basics about a particular destination, find the best way to pack your bag, or read a satisfying essay on why travel is so addictive, Travel U is here for you! We have courses on all kinds of topics and each and every one of them is at your fingertips!

Here’s the best part!

You don’t need to apply, you don’t need to pay for the credits, you don’t need to take notes either! Our blog posts do that for you. Simply click and jump into the adventure of travel through our many postings. Click on our blog and use the categories to the right to choose your class and get your degree in Travel 101!

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Travel U: Resources

Looking for great resources to share with your young explorers? Each one of my teacher created resources engages kids of all ages! Click here to connect with our TpT Store!

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Travel Blog

Join us for a journey around the globe! Click here to get inspiration and tips to make your next trip a memorable experience! Travel stories and articles await! Enjoy!

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  1. I read your odyssey about Africa. I found to be so informative and well written. Thank you.

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