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Welcome to Book Club Travel!

We know that your book club serves as an anchor in your life. Whether it is the love of reading, the sisterhood of sharing, or the realization the relaxation is a priority, book clubs are an integral part of how we uplift ourselves. So, if you've got a book based in Europe, we've got just the travel experience for you!

Here's a day by day breakdown of how book club travel works.

We'll design a bespoke travel adventure just for your group and the book you are focused on. We'll provide plenty of pre-trip support from seminars on packing to how to use your iphone overseas. We'll be sure to leave you with just the right balance of organized time and down time so that you get the very most out of what every destination has to offer.

Day 1

Touchdown in our anchor city and take in the first glimpses of the setting of our selected book. To start things off, we'll get over that jet lag, we'll take ina walk in the fresh air and enjoy a welcome dinner.

Day 2

We'll start our day by meeting for breakfast and reviewing the major setting points of our book then move on to a guided tour of the areas most associated with our characters and storyline. After lunch, enjoy some down time to browse, shop, or take in a venue that is not part of our organized itinerary.
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Day 3

Enjoy breakfast and then a museum of choice or a guided experience like a cooking class to immerse into the local culture.

Day 4

No book club adventure would be complete without taking some time to explore the stacks of the iconic book stores and libraries that are in every major European city center. Today, we'll take in more of our book pick and then find our inner librarian to enjoy those peaceful corners of these European beauties.

Day 5

The art of the day trip is at hand and we'll train to a lovely town or village that is perhaps connected with our story so that this literary journey is a more complete experience.

Day 6

We'll round out our time completing anything left on our to do list including museums, shopping, day trips, and more. The choices are endless and we'll do our best to keep them tied to the amazing book choices you make.

Day 7

Our time with you would not be complete without sending you off with your next book pick! We'll be happy to organize your reading as you head back home after an incredible experience.

Looking for some inspiration?

There are thousands of quality books set all over Europe and we know it can be daunting to find a starting place for your book club. We are happy to frame your travel around any book you think is worthy but if you are looking for a place to start, here are a few of the most famous!

The Paris Library

Travel with Odille to the streets of Paris and walk in her shoes as she struggles through Nazi occupation and finds her way to peace in her life. Visit the street where the American Library was, shop in Odile's local market on Rue Cler, browse the stacks at Shakespeare and Co., and so much more! Supporting literature includes:
The Paris Apartment by Lucy Foley
Lady In Gold by Annmarie O'Connor

The Venice Sketchbook

Wander the back passages and the storied canals that Juliet and Caroline discovered as they solve the mysteries that face them. We'll be sure to take in the icons and the smaller spots of Venice as this book plays out right before our eyes. We'll then finish our own grand tour in fantastic Florence just as Juliet would have when she toured Italy. Supporting Literature includes:
The Rossetti Letter by Christie Phillips
Dead Lagoon by Michael Dibden

The Zookeeper's Wife

Discover the brave and compassionate spirit of Poland through this intriguing true life story. Walk the ground of the zoo and learn about the Warsaw Uprising. Then travel on to Krakow to connect with more of Poland and its heroic past. Pay your respects at Auschwitz, discover the treasures of the Czartoryski Palace and get introduced to Smok, the local dragon of Wawel Hill. There is so much waiting for you in magical Poland, Europe's best kept secret. Supporting literature includes:
James Michner's Poland

What's Included

Breakfast and dinner daily

Balance between scheduled experiences and unscheduled time to explore further or relax as you choose

All attraction tickets and passes for experiences and guided tours (always with local experts).

All ground transportation including airport transfers upon arrival and departure.

Opportunities to plan any optional or “on your own time” with either tour host to customize your experience

Exclusive “B and Y” signature travel service

Our Commitment:

As we get to know you, we will be able to find those little corners of Europe that delight and enchant. From magical bookstores and fabled artworks we’ll share with you those little things that make Europe’s amazing markets the experience of a lifetime.

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