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Babcia and YiaYia's Travel Picks!

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Insurance for travelers under 70. This is an affiliate link.
World Nomad
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Insurance for lost luggage
Blue Ribbon Bags
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Medical evacuation insurance. This is an affiliate link.
Med Jet
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Need a little more help?

We know that sometimes the best of DIY plans are tough to pin down. Sometimes, it just helps to have someone to chat with and talk through an itinerary. We are happy to do just that! We offer travel consultations that assist any traveler in feeling more confident with their upcoming plans. From passports to laundry, we are happy to pitch in. Schedule your time with us by using this link. The service fee is $75.00 for an initial consultation but any follow on is completely free! Meet with us in person or virtually!
Schedule a Consultation
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Travel Resources for Kids

We couldn't create a whole world of travel and forget about our teaching roots! We have plenty of easy to use and affordable printouts for the younger travelers in your group. Click on the link below to access our Teachers Pay Teachers page for activities that you can pack and others that connect with books. We believe that even the littlest learners can travel and the easiest way to start them on their worldwide adventures is through a good book. This is our big moment to remind you that the library lets little minds travel for free!

Travel Resources for Kids
Here are our top Amazon.com travel picks. These are our go to products that see us through all kinds of travel adventures!
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Portable hotspots for travelers. This is an affiliate link.
Travel Wifi Hotspot

Terri's Bag

Each person has different needs and we may not be able to tell you exactly which one you need but we can fill you in on what we've been using lately.Terri is rolling an Away bag through airports. It has great storage and a streamlined look.

Alexandra's Bag

The number one question we get about travel gear is "what suitcase should we use?" or "what suitcase do you recommend?" Right now, Alexandra is sporting an older version of the Samantha Brown HSN hard side spinner with metal corners. it handles well with a heavy load and seems to put up with a ton of wear and tear.