Babcia and Yia Yia Travel The World Babcia (n.): Polish for Grandma~Yia Yia (n.): Greek For Grandma~ See also: wise counsel; life well lived; very cool travel junkies


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Founded in 2018, Babcia and Yia Yia Travel The World was developed to inspire beginning travelers to live their travel dreams whether they are out and about or tucked in at home. Our mission is to support and inspire your inner explorer no matter what your travel goals are! This wonderful world is big and wide and it has plenty to offer whether you’re a road tripper or a jetsetter. So, join us, wont you? We would love take you along for the journey!


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"There is no other person I would go to for assistance in world wide travel! I went to Alex with only “I want to go to Europe”….When we met, she had an entire folder already made of places to go, see–she even went as far as to take into consideration medical supplies, etc. for my son. I was amazed. Absolutely top rate. Her posts are a highlight of my day. They allow me to forget my stress, and see the world through someone else’s eyes."

-Jackie C.

"Game changer! My husband and I consulted with these two while planning our 10- day trip to Italy. They really took the time to understand who we are as travellers and what type of trip we wanted. They helped us find the perfect balance of relaxing and adventurous within our budget. Thanks to this extensive knowledge and recommendations, we had a phenomenal trip that we will never forget!"


"Terri and Alex helped us find the cheapest way to go to Alaska. Finding us points of contact for fishing, making everything easier for us, that made planning the trip stress-free. We had so much fun from beginning to end, because of her help. Highly recommending Alex and Terri to help you with your travel planning needs. Five stars!"

-Rey R.

"This blog really transports me to places I haven’t even thought of going and makes me realize I didn’t even know I was missing out! I can’t wait to work with her to plan a trip we will all look forward to, enjoy and learn so much from."

-Jen N.