Framing Your Travel Memories

So, you’ve done it! You’ve been on the trip of a lifetime and have officially become a true travel junkie! You’ve dragged your suitcases through the front door and with a tired satisfaction, you drop onto your bed, grateful to get a good night’s sleep in your own surroundings. Dream well, dear traveler! Dream all about those experiences that you were just able to enjoy.

As you unpack bag after bag, you take out ticket stubs or a little bookmark or perhaps a pretty little print you picked up from an artist. The pile of memorabilia grows larger and larger. So, what do you do with it all? I have a few suggestions for you…

Facebook Memories 

Let’s face it, Facebook memories are probably the biggest no brainer on the list but with all the changes in social media, Facebook memories might be a thing we may have to arrange. While I love the convenience of memories just popping up on my feed, it may be a prudent move to not rely on Facebook for every memory we have. As Facebook changes and becomes far more interested in marketing, cool features like daily videos of your travel photos no longer exist. There’s another choice:


Have you ever noticed that purple app with the star on your iPhone? It’s iMovie and it’s here to take all your photos and set them to a slow pan with music. Simply click to select the photos that you love, choose the pan option and speed, grab some background music and you are a movie maker! Your movie is ready to share on social media or with friends. Free, easy, and FUN!

Make a travel photo book 

…and I’m not talking about one of those old fashioned albums with the sticky pages! It’s time to use technology to your advantage and be a bit fancy!!! Choose your favorite digital pictures and get started on a site like Shutterfly. Photo websites are an easy choice when you can have the site do the work or be in charge of every aspect of your project depending on your comfort level.

As for me, I am truly a fan of the 8×8 photo book which is just right to give as a gift to those I traveled with or pop in my purse to share with others. Don’t forget to be creative and include items that may be unique. When I created a book for my trip to Ireland, I included Irish song lyrics representative of where I was. I’ve included thank you notes to my Mom and top five sing at the top of your lungs songs that we all enjoyed on a road trip. The possibilities are endless and the end result is a treasure.

Amazon Photos

Another very quick way to access your travel memories is by using the Amazon Photos app. Using the app does two quick things. First, it gets all of your photos into one spot. Second, and maybe more importantly, you can sync your photos and make them your screen saver. This gives you a digital photo frame without having to purchase one!

Framing Your Memories

Okay, okay. I’ve given you enough digital photo options! What do you do with all the other little bits of paper you’ve collected. What do you do with the maps, tickets, brochures and wristbands that remind you of all your fun times? My suggestion is to frame them! Check out some of the photos below for ideas on how to get things out of the junk drawer and up on the wall like a great piece of pop art! It takes me about one hour to use just a poster frame, scissors and scotch tape to mix and match all that travel fun into one place.

Take It A Step Further

Scratch off maps and posters can be a fun and easy way to keep track of all those memories and dreams that you’re so excited about! Check out the link above for a review of maps and how they work.