Milan Day Trip


Tucked up in the north of Italy is the banking and fashion capitol of the country, Milan. Probably most famous for three things, Milan may not constitute a big ticket stay but it can be an ideal day trip. Now hold your fashionista horses for a moment! Normally when we say that a destination makes a good day trip, we often include it as a great launch or a graceful exit from a longer excursion. This is not the town for that as the international airport is a very expensive 45 minute ride away! Very expensive. 

Instead, navigate Milan by rail. It’s an easy ride in and out of Venice or Florence and is a great launching pad into France’s Riviera region. The main train station has its own story that speaks to the erratic history of the turn of the century and the socialist fervor that enveloped this very new consolidated country. Be sure to take in the massive main hall that was built to make you fell small. That said, what brings the first time visitor to Milan?

Leonardo da Vinci head bust


There’s a lot here. In order to make this a credible day trip, focus on the big three. The Duomo, its neighbor the Galleria and the iconic Last Supper. Economically, it can be strung together in about three hours making a mid morning arrival and a late lunch a perfect day. The Duomo also offers a spectacular rooftop experience that lets you meander through the life size statuary and ponder the massive undertaking to actually get it built.

Reserved ticket options also exist for draws like the famous La Scala Opera House and its adjoining museum. If you are not an opera enthusiast, check out the amazing Cimitero Monumentale di Milano. This amazing outdoor space is full of the most spectacular funerary art rivaling, no surpassing that of Per Lachaise in Paris. Additionally, the local Renaissance family, the Sforzas, have their Castello on full display to round out the top draw choices. 

a large ornate building with a large clock on the top

If Milan is on your list for just a few things, making it a day trip is totally worth it.  The main train station is more than a thirty minute walk so, taking a taxi into the main piazza will be a must but other than that, Milano is an easy breezy visit from Florence or Venice.