Don’t Miss These 5 Things In Krakow

Don’t Miss These 5 Things In Krakow

Krakow has so very much to offer any visitor. This second city and little corner of Europe is a prime location to soak up the amazing atmosphere and dig into a surprisingly rich culture. With the history, art, and a great food scene, Krakow looks to be the destination on every travelers itinerary. Take our advice! Here are the 5 things you don’t miss in Krakow!

Top of the Krakow list is the beautiful Wawel Castle, the heartbreaking experience at Auschwitz and the story of Oskar Schindler and his factory. But there is more to this town than just the worthwhile big hitters. Here are five experiences we recommend to anyone who wants to take on Krakow.

5 things not to miss in krakow

Cook up perfection in a pierogi class.

Admit it, it’s the perfect food. Two bites of dough wrapped tastiness is about as good as it gets. Well, maybe being able to make them and eat them is as good as it gets! Check out the cooking classes offered by Delicious Poland as well as walking tours that let you get used to the local menu.

Take in the glory of Leonardo DaVinci.

We know, we know, but we didn’t make a mistake! While the famous Mona Lisa holds court in the Louvre, her cousin, Lady with Ermine, has just recently been reinstalled to her place of honor in the Czartoryski Museum in the heart of the city. Stolen by the Nazis during the war, it was repatriated back to Poland by the heroic Monuments Men after VE Day. Unlike Mona, the crowds are almost non existent. As in, we were there with just three other people in the Spring! The rest of the museum is a lovely stroll through Polish culture and well worth the time.

Partake in a Church Crawl.

Noooo… not a pub crawl! A church crawl! We bet that you’ve already seen all of those little eco golf carts all over the center of Krakow, They are the perfect set of wheels to explore all of those amazing churches dotting the old town and beyond. Don’t get us wrong, there are plenty in walking distance from the main square and you’ll get to see everything from priceless alter pieces to the alter dedicated to St. Hyacinth, the patron saint of the pierogi!

However, those eco carts can get you to some of the further flung churches like Corpus Christi and give you a little bonus look at the Kazimierz District! So why, see all those churches? Each and every one has a different look and a different feel. Each has a little bit of a different story and plenty of historical references including side chapels with amazing art and architecture and religious references including the hometown hero saints like Pope John Paul II and Maximillian Kolbe.

Watch the game!

Summer is the perfect season to enjoy the European football season (even if you aren’t a die hard fan in real life). In all reality, the game isn’t the point. The experience of being in a pub or cafe as the game is on with people cheering for a team is the true fun of it all. So, book a table, figure out which side everyone is rooting for and blindly follow as best you can. Trust us! You’ll have a ball!

people watching baseball

Walk the bridge.

The Vistula River winds its way through Krakow connecting the Old Town and Kazimierz areas with the Podgorze district. The Father Bernatek Bridge was built in 2010 and is a lovely place to cross. This footbridge is dotted with acrobatic sculpture that seem to balance on the high wires above. Rent some bikes and enjoy the crossing as the sculptures dance above you.

a hot air balloon flying over a river