Ireland 101: The Wild Atlantic Way

So, what can you do in Ireland with 5 days? As it turns out a lot! TGC is looking at different locations both near and far to see what great opportunities are out there to share with your family.

Western Ireland is an amazing corner of the globe that holds more surprises than you might expect. The Wild Atlantic Way is one of Europe’s best kept secrets. It’s windy, rainy, and often cold. It is untamed. But more than anything, it is stunning. There is no view or vista that doesn’t make you catch you breath. Like any involved traveler, though, scenery is not the only thing one wants to experience. So, what is there to do? It turns out, there is a lot!

Sheep dog demonstrations: All along the coast from Donegal to Dingle, you can find small farms that offer demonstrations on how their cool dogs keep control over their unfenced flocks. The partnership between man and dog is astounding and much more interesting than first meets the eye. Pictured here is champion, Jack. TGC’s Pick? Atlantic Sheepdogs in County Sligo. Find them on Facebook.

white bird on green grass field near body of water during daytime

Did you know that the term “wrapped around my little finger” comes from falconry? Ireland’s National Falconry School is located in Cong, County Mayo and is an experience like no other! Meet up in the school yard to learn the basics and then go on a hike with some feathered friends to experience flight like you never have before. While Falconry schools exist in other places, even here in the States, there is nothing quite like the thrill of enjoying it in the shadow of a great castle. Check it out at here.


Horseback Riding is a great activity for most families but add in beaches that are wider than football fields, crashing waves of the Eastern Atlantic, pristine dune paths, and epic Irish draft horses, you have a memory that will last forever. The beaches that you get to ride on are also known for its surfing. TGC’s stable pick? Check out Donegal Equestrian Centre.

view photography of gray castle on island


Sometimes, you’ve got to get out and explore on your own and there is no better place for that in Western Ireland than Westport. This holiday town is picturesque town is bustling with all kinds of activities that speak to the family traveler. Check out the charming toy store on the main drag then rent some bikes and explore the Greenway. The Great Western Greenway is a 42 km trail that connects several towns together along Clew Bay. Check it out here.

person in red robe standing on green grass field near bare trees during daytime

Blarney Castle

As you go further south, you can check in on the famous Blarney Castle. I know, I know, you think it’s so cliche to go kiss that rock but trust me. Blarney is more than a rock to kiss! The grounds are expansive and include so much more than the castle. Peek in on the Poison Garden to learn a bit about medieval medicine, walk around the lake to take in the outer reaches of the castle grounds. Then, yes, climb the steep stairs up to the top and kiss the stone! You won’t ever forget it!

Ireland’s western coast has so much to offer besides the small list here and it’s all worth it! So, go. Go travel. Go do. Go and explore that great Irish frontier, The Wild Atlantic Way.

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